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NYE - Canberra - GATECRASHER!!!

First Planet in cooperation with the world’s largest dance label, GATECRASHER Global Sound System, have mobilized the hottest production teams in ACT and Sydney to deliver an unparalled body moving experience

A 14 hour dance music journey into 2007. Traversing the spectrum of sounds to make you move, at Canberra’s favourite private venue, THE HOLY GRAIL. This NYE party experience has something for everyone, with Old School, Fat Party Breaks, Tribal, Electrohouse, Drum and Bass, Progressive, Trance, Psy, and Hard Dance, peaking at Midnight with Gatecrasher’s Prodigal son, GTR GARETH EMERY raising the roof on 2007.

Energized by Intelligent Lighting, video projections, and awesome dance performances all night, the Gatecrasher Global Soundsystem tour is the premiere event in Canberra this NYE.

Early Bird $49.50 + Booking Fee (Sold Out!)
2nd Round $59.95 + Booking Fee
3rd Round $69.95+ Booking Fee

ONLINE: http://www.inthemix.com.au/

Tickets are available at: Holy Grail (civic) OR Landspeed (Garema Place, Civic)

OK. team, this is the low down...

We're sussed the sound system in the Holy Grail and have decided not to use it. In cooperation with Elite Sound, we are installing 17kilowatts of crystal clean audio with 11K on the stage, 3K fill downstairs and 3K fill upstairs, creating a delicious, full bodied surround sound experience.

For lighting, we're doing fully rigged trussing in the roof, with 12 moving heads, hazers and miniscans to create a totally different look for each artist and style.

We have three video projectors with layered screens for a multilayered look on stage, with VJ wizards Jimmi, Zordon and R.T.F.M. (read the farking manual) generating video journeys, fractal geometries and original 3d graffix for interdimensional clubland story telling.

We will put a thrust on the stage for dancers and performers, and boy do we have some shows lined up for you... featuring angle grinding, martial arts and fire twirling from professional performers and shaman energy raisers Mercury, Kenny feather and Phoenix. These guys need to be seen to be believed.

We are thrilled to voodoo trance shamans the Web, who's exhiliarating trance dance performance has seen them sell over 60,000 albums independently over the past 5 years. This crew rise from the belly of Gaia, and are living proof we have some of the best artists in the world right here in Australia. Prepare to have your minds BLOWN...

Its a full 14 hours so we are creating an fenced outdoor area to accomodate an extra 200 people where you can eat, smoke and chill out. The Holy Grail will be serving a delicious full meal menu until late, so if you come early, you can sit down to enjoy a great meal and a cold drink. We will have a video projector set up outside, so you can still catch all the action...

As for (GTR) Gareth Emery... well the music speaks for itself... simply the freshest biggest sound from the UK mixed by one of the hottest djs on the planet..
Check out firstplanet.net for details and the lowdown on all our artists...
See you there...

Check out www.firstplanet.net for ALL details!!!
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